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Rot Odds to Win Super Bowl LVII Moneyline
101 Buffalo Bills     +450
102 Kansas City Chiefs     +425
103 Philadelphia Eagles     +575
104 San Francisco 49ers     +600
105 Dallas Cowboys     +900
106 Baltimore Ravens     +1600
107 Miami Dolphins     +1400
108 Minnesota Vikings     +1600
109 Tampa Bay Buccaneers     +2200
110 Cincinnati Bengals     +1800
111 Tennessee Titans     +3300
112 Los Angeles Chargers     +4500
113 Seattle Seahawks     +6000
114 New England Patriots     +10000
115 Washington Commanders     +8000
116 New York Jets     +8000
117 Green Bay Packers     +25000
118 New Orleans Saints     +25000
119 New York Giants     +15000
120 Atlanta Falcons     +20000
121 Cleveland Browns     +15000
122 Jacksonville Jaguars     +15000
123 Los Angeles Rams     +50000
124 Indianapolis Colts     +50000
125 Arizona Cardinals     +50000
126 Las Vegas Raiders     +15000
127 Detroit Lions     +25000
128 Denver Broncos     +100000
129 Pittsburgh Steelers     +50000
130 Carolina Panthers     +50000
131 Chicago Bears     +100000
132 Houston Texans     +100000
All wagers have action.
Rot Super Bowl LVII Winner (BUF vs Field) Moneyline
135 Buffalo Bills     +450
136 Any Other Team     -650
All wagers have action.
Rot Super Bowl LVII Winner (KC vs Field) Moneyline
139 Kansas City Chiefs     +425
140 Any Other Team     -625
All wagers have action.
Rot Super Bowl LVII Winner (SF vs Field) Moneyline
145 San Francisco 49ers     +600
146 Any Other Team     -1000
All wagers have action.
Rot Super Bowl LVII Winner (PHI vs Field) Moneyline
145 Philadelphia Eagles     +575
146 Any Other Team     -950
All wagers have action.

Super Bowl Odds & Lines

Bet on the Winner of the Super Bowl 2023 Online

Since the first Super Bowl was played in January 1967, it has become a household name in sports. From its halftime show performances to the commercials aired during the game, the Super Bowl has all the flash of a championship game. The Super Bowl is the game all NFL teams fight to get to during the regular season and into the playoffs.

Here is a list of the teams in the NFL that have won a Super Bowl and the number of Super Bowls they have won.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers 6 Super Bowl titles
  • New England Patriots 6 Super Bowl titles
  • San Francisco 49ers 5 Super Bowl titles
  • Dallas Cowboys 5 Super Bowl titles
  • Green Bay Packers 4 Super Bowl titles
  • New York Giants 4 Super Bowl titles
  • Denver Broncos 3 Super Bowl titles

The 2021-22 NFL season is the league’s first-ever 18-week season. This season also had a seven playoff team format for the AFC and NFC conferences.  

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There are quite a few things to note for those who want to bet on Super Bowl Futures. When the season starts, it’s common for the NFL Super Bowl Futures Odds to favor the teams from the previous Super Bowl. But as the NFL season progresses, the odds may move to the team with the best overall record during the season. The 2021 Super Bowl Futures Odds favored the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Other teams have moved up on the list since the beginning of the season, like the Arizona Cardinals. 


When looking at a team to bet on in the NFL Super Bowl Futures, you need to study the team. Does the team have a history of winning Super Bowls lately? Has the team gained or lost players that can help them in the hunt for a Super Bowl win? Have key players been injured that could hurt a team’s performance?

If you are looking at NFL Super Bowl Futures during the NFL regular season, there are some other things to look at:

Is the team on a winning streak?

Did the team have a tough schedule on their way to their current record?

Are the remaining games against weaker teams?

What teams could they face in the playoffs, and what is their record against them?

Does the team have a history of performing well in the playoffs?


Have the games that they have won been blowouts or close games?

Is the team better on the road playing, or do they play better at home?

Does the team have good leadership at critical positions?

Does the team perform well under pressure situations?

Studying all these aspects will help with having an informed bet on a team. While betting on the NFL Super Bowl Futures isn’t a science, many things can show if a team is more likely to win the Super Bowl. And knowing all the things to look for gives one a better chance of making a winning bet.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to betting or being betting for a while; studying the teams and trends always helps.

With the knowledge of things to look for before betting on the NFL Super Bowl Futures, you might have some questions about betting on the NFL Super Bowl Futures. Below are some of the most common questions asked.


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There will be three types of odds on teams in the NFL Super Bowl futures odds. The most common one is the plus odds. Teams will have plus odds at the beginning of the season and throughout. This number shows the amount you will win on every $100 wagered.

For example, $100 wagered on +900 odds would return $900. Next is EV, or even odds. This is more common to see later in the NFL season. An EV means that you will win even money on a bet. For example, if you bet $20 on EV, you will win $20. The last type of odds is negative odds.

This type of bet isn’t seen until the later stages of the NFL season, usually when it is most likely that a team will be the NFL Super Bowl winner or at least make it to the Super Bowl. This means you will get a smaller return on your wager. For example, if you bet $100 on -400 odds, you would win $25.

You can find the link to bet on the Super Bowl futures under the FOOTBALL tab on the left side of the screen. Scroll down until you see SUPER BOWL. It will show a list of NFL teams that you can bet on for the Super Bowl futures when you click on that.
As of December 7th, 2021, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the favorite to win the Super Bowl.
At the beginning of the season, the two teams from the previous Super Bowl get the lowest odds for return on betting. Teams that made the playoffs will also be right behind those two teams. As the NFL season progresses, teams with the best record will move up in the rankings, meaning the returns on betting on them will decrease.
Yes. There’s always an element of strategy to use when betting on the Super Bowl futures. Just because a team is favored to win doesn’t mean that they will. Looking at all aspects of the teams you can bet on and their play on the field will be one of the strategies you can use before betting.

Make sure to look at team records and teams they have to play. Look to see if they have weaker opponents to face in the season or strong opponents to go against. Look to see if they win their games by double digits or if they barely squeak out the win.

BetUS has the Vegas odds for all the teams in the Super Bowl futures. Beside each team, to the right, there will be the Vegas odds for that team.

With the most common questions answered, this can help you get in the game by betting on the NFL Super Bowl Futures. And remember, you can always bet with either cash or crypto on BetUS.

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