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UFC held over 40 events and 450 fights in 2020 alone. And this was during the pandemic. With so much action, you can expect UFC news to be a daily thing. We offer in-depth analysis and a preview of what’s to come as they relate to UFC betting.

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The best kind of news doesn’t just inform, it entertains. There is no sport quite like MMA and it’s infinitely fun to ruminate about. We’re always hungry for fight announcements or the marquee bouts on the horizon.

We go beyond what you can find in the online sportsbook, giving you power rankings (not P4P rankings), a monthly calendar of events, and fighter profiles, among other things. We’ll occasionally have some actual “news” items and give our take on them.

Stay posted as we look for new ways to expand on the ever-evolving sport of MMA as seen in the world’s biggest fighting promotion.   

UFC, unlike the NBA or NFL, does not have seasons. It runs every week and the storylines are plentiful in the sport. It can be hard to keep up with so we do our best to highlight some of the biggest moments before or after a fight. 

The narratives around MMA and its fighters help shape the UFC odds. After all, it’s all about the public’s perception of certain fighters. Keep that in mind and you might find a betting edge or two down the road. 

Always keep up to date with the latest happenings in UFC. Use that knowledge here for your UFC betting picks as suggested by our experts. Better yet, you may find useful bits that enable you to cash in on some juicy underdog and/or prop bets.