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Copa Libertadores Outrights Betting Odds


The Champions League of the South Americans, Copa Libertadores de América or the CONMEBOL Libertadores.

The best teams in the south of the Americas compete for the highest level of the trophy on the continent. And like the UEFA Champions League, the winner of the competition makes it to the FIFA Club World Cup.

One of the ways you can bet on soccer is by wagering on the Copa Libertadores outrights options. And since 1960, the competition has been around to give the best teams from various countries in South America the chance to compete for a prestigious trophy. For many years, different teams have claimed this incredible title.


Over the years, the format for the competition has changed, and we’ve seen different teams come into the fray to compete.

From 10 national leagues, 47 teams compete for this prestigious title, giving their best every season from the preliminary rounds to the knockout phase of the competition.

Since 2016, Mexican teams do not participate in this competition as they are now part of the CONCACAF Champions League tournament.

Therefore, leagues around the continent can now produce at least four teams to compete for the title. However, the order of qualifying varies from country to country, based on how they rank on the CONMEBOL coefficient list.

The competition starts with the preliminary qualifying round, where teams from different countries battle to qualify.

Once the teams from various nations are confirmed, six teams from the lower coefficient leagues will battle it out in the first stage.

Then there is a second stage battle where the winners from round one would join 13 teams in the second level of the coefficient rankings.

These 16 teams would battle it out in a two-legged knockout tie, and the winners would go to the qualifying stage’s third and final round. After the third round, four teams would qualify to join the 28 teams already in the group stages.

Copa Libertadores Outrights History

Since the start of the competition, different teams have dominated the tournament. With some leagues producing more winners than others, they have a better ranking on the coefficient table.

In that case, when it comes to betting on these soccer lines, you need to understand the history of the tournament.

In addition, you don’t want to go too far back with your research to ensure that you don’t miss out on the information that might make or mar your predictions.

Therefore, you should look at the Copa Libertadores outrights history to see the teams with a better chance of winning and how they’ve performed in the previous seasons.

How does the Copa Libertadores Outrights Work?

Understanding how the Copa Libertadores outrights work is a good way to ensure that you make the right predictions and don’t make rookie mistakes.

If you understand how to bet on soccer, you won’t have any issues with the Copa Libertadores options because you will know the various intricacies of soccer betting.

Like many soccer tournaments, the Copa Libertadores has various betting markets you can bet on, depending on which betting site you pitch your tent.

You need to understand each one, including the outrights market. Since there are different stages in the tournament, you should know that there would be different outrights options.

You can go with the preliminary outright bets, betting on which teams would make it to the Copa Libertadores competition. Or, you can choose who will win the competition once it begins.

There are other stages you can bet on, especially if you don’t want to wait until the final game of the competition to win your bet.

BetUS Offer

You’ll find many sports betting sites whenever you want to place your bet on soccer events. Since the Copa Libertadores is pretty popular, it is easy to find a sports betting site that would offer you the chance to bet on the competition.

However, before jumping on any of these sportsbooks, you should ensure they have the right offers.

Aside from listing all the games from the Copa Libertadores, BetUS offers a wide range of incentives to give you the best gaming experience.

You can find the best soccer spreads to bet on and enjoy various bonuses and different betting features perfect for newbies and expert bettors.

Betting Strategy

Having the right betting strategy before placing any bet is important, especially if you plan to be a long-term bettor.

If you are a high roller, you must ensure that you test your strategies before putting in big money. So, you can start by mapping out the various things you must do before you start.

For instance, you can create a chart of how you want to research different games. You have to take the time to check various teams and how they play to see if they can take on the challenge.

That will determine if their current odds are justified, or you might have to go against the popular bets. Your strategy should be centered around the bets you want to place.

Props Bets

Regarding soccer bets, you should know that there are different betting options to try.

If you’re new to this side of betting, you should look around to see the one that works for you. You can always check out the different options available on the sports betting site you decide to join. A popular example is the outright betting market.

Another one is the props bet or specials bets, perfect for players that want the result of the game to have little influence on their bets.

In this case, you’re betting on various specials such as which player will pick up the first yellow, would VAR overturn a decision or not?, who will take the last corner, etc.

Most Important Players

Since the start of the competition in 1960, many teams and players have lit up the show. These individuals became important names in the competition’s history.

Some of the players keep showing various skills to make the competition attractive.

Notable world-class names that have graced the Libertadores over the years include Neymar, Pele, Maradona, and Ronaldinho, to name a few.

We now witness more players lighting up the show. These players keep getting notice from Europe, and they win the awards.

So, if you want to place outright bets on players, you might have to look at these top players as they come with the best chance for your bet to succeed.


When it comes to betting, you need to have a guide, especially if it is your first time in the industry. You don’t want to miss out on the intricate parts of the gambling world.

So, you should check for the different betting guides to pick the one that works best for you and try to understand each part.

For outrights bets, you should know that getting started is straightforward because you’re backing different outcomes that will only happen after a certain milestone.

For instance, if you bet on who would win a particular group, you have to wait for the group stages to finish before you will win or lose the bet. So, outright bets are not for bettors that want short-term results.

Copa Libertadores Outrights Odds

When you want to start betting, the odds are essential. They give you insight into which team the betting algorithm backs to win the game or line.

The odds also do the same for soccer, and the teams or players with the least soccer odds are the favorites to win the competition.

These odds might also vary depending on the sportsbook you join.

The same principle also applies to the Copa Libertadores outright odds. Players with the best chance to win the best player award or most goals award will get the lower odds compared to others with the least chance to do so.

Therefore, you can back the favorites if you don’t want to spend time researching and looking for the perfect bet.

How to Bet

If you do not know how to bet, not to worry; the process is pretty straightforward. The first step is to find a good sports betting site to pitch your tent.

We recommend that you check out the BetUS platform. Once you decide on where you want to start betting, you should take the time to create an account.

Fortunately, top sports betting sites allow you to bet on various games, including the Copa Libertadores, once you register. To help you as a newbie, you will find instructions to help you through the registration process.

After that, you should deposit into your account and take a trip to the soccer section to bet on the Copa Libertadores outright options.

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Copa Libertadores Outrights Faqs

BetUS is a perfect option to bet on the Copa Libertadores outrights options online because the platform offers a wide range to bet on, and you will find suitable soccer odds. Therefore, you’ll get a good return for your bets.
You need to choose the right sports betting site to bet on the Copa Libertadores outrights odds. Once you do that, log into your bet account, go to the Copa Libertadores section, pick the outright option you want, enter the amount you want to bet, and place your bet.
The favorite to win this competition is the team with the best odds. It is usually indicated by the team with the least odds when you check the different soccer bet lines.
The Copa Libertadores outrights are pretty straightforward. You only need to know which option you want to back and go for it. But you should ensure that you’ve researched the teams before making any decision.
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