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Table Tennis


Table tennis is one of the many popular sports out there today. It is featured in the Olympics and is enjoyed by numerous fans globally. The sport is pretty straightforward and is played between two players looking to get more points off their opponent in a specific odd number of games. Like lawn tennis, there are doubles table tennis games to enjoy. If you want to learn more about this sport, keep reading as we take a deep dive, break it down, and provide betting guides to help you. Let’s dive right in!  

Table Tennis is an exciting sport once you know more about it. So, in this section, we will take a comprehensive look into the sport to have a more in-depth knowledge of the sport.

History of Table Tennis

Originally called Ping-Pong, Table Tennis was created in England in the early 20th century. The name table tennis came to life in 1921/22 when the old Ping-Pong association was revived after it was broken up in 1905. During the 1920s, the sport started to go global, played in many countries. As a result, an association led by representatives from England, Germany, and Hungary created the International Table Tennis Federation in 1926. The founding countries include Sweden, England, Germany, India, Hungary, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Wales. The member nations grew to 165 in the mid-1990s.

The first table tennis world championships occurred in 1926, and they were hosted in London. After that, the 1900s saw many incredible world championship tournaments hosted in various countries. In the 70s, table tennis matches were used to ease the Cold War tensions between the US and China. And in 1988, table tennis was first featured in the Olympics as both singles and doubles men/women competition.

Table Tennis Annual Main Events 

The sport has many events annually, and any year the Olympics take place, table tennis has another main event for the year. Aside from that, since 1980, the Table Tennis World Cup has taken place. The event started as a Men’s singles competition. However, in 1990, team competitions were added to the event. And in 1996, Women’s singles were added as well. 

Table Tennis Championships

There are two main table tennis championships globally. World Table Tennis Championships, consisting of five events, are among them. And these events include the Women’s Singles, Men’s Singles, Men’s doubles, and mixed doubles, which are held every odd-numbered year. On the other hand, the World Team Table Tennis Championships have Women’s and Men’s team events. It is hosted in even-numbered years. 


Over the years, there have been many championship finals. The first person to win a Table Tennis World Cup final was China’s Guo Yuehua, where he got up to $12,500 in first prize money. In addition to that, there is a Table Tennis World Tour by the ITTF, where players share from a prize pool of $1,000,000. According to the 2019 World Tour reports, the winner gets $100,000, the runner-up is $55,000, and the third-place is 35,000. Other players get paid based on their accumulated points. 

Table Tennis Betting Strategy

With many table tennis matches going on every year, you might want to get in on the action and place bets. But before you do that, we recommend that you have a betting strategy to help you improve your predictions. You can use one strategy to research and follow games before you bet. 

Understanding the sport will let you know who is performing and any underdogs on a solid run of form. That way, you don’t bet blindly on popular names. Aside from that, understand the different betting markets and choose one. And also, make sure you pick the right sportsbook with the best odds.

Props Bets in Table Tennis

You can also place props bets in table tennis. So, if you are looking for bets that have little or nothing to do with the match’s outcome, your best choice is a proposition bet. For instance, you can bet on who will win the first serve between the two players or who will win the first game and others. Depending on the sportsbook you join, there are many props bets to pick from. 

Teams to Play

There are teams in table tennis that can participate in the Olympics and the World Team Table Tennis Championships. These teams consist of three players. For every significant team championship in tennis, only 16 teams can participate. The top five teams currently include China, Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Taiwan/Brazil, according to the current world Mens’rankings. The top teams for the Women’s rankings are China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and Singapore.

BetUS Offer

BetUS has many sports bonus offers that you can claim to place bets on table tennis. These include sign-up deposit bonuses, cashbacks, and even crypto sports bonuses. So, when you create an account and deposit, you become eligible to claim any of the available offers to start betting on various table tennis events. You can always check the promotions page to see the various bonus and promotional offers available in the sportsbook.


Betting on table tennis is not difficult, but you need to understand the sport and some integral parts. So, if you want to get started with table tennis betting, here are some of the critical areas you should note, like table tennis odds, rules, betting markets, and how to place a table tennis bet. Let’s dive right in.

Key Nations and Leagues

Most countries in the world organize national table tennis competitions and leagues. Aside from the major tournaments hosted by the two most prominent governing bodies, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and European Table Tennis Union (ETTU), there are other lower leagues. These leagues include the Moscow Liga Pro, with games frequently hosted in Brazil, Belarus, Czech Republic, China, etc. 

In addition to the Liga Pro, you will find the Setka Cup, Win Cup, TTSTAR Series, etc., if you want to explore more table tennis leagues. With that, you can decide to bet on any of these leagues when you want to start betting on table tennis. 

Table Tennis Rules

Before you start placing bets on table tennis, you should understand the rules. There are two players on either side of the table in the sport. Each player gets two serves, which are alternated, and each game is played to 11 points. A player must get two points ahead to win whenever a game is tied at 10-10, and the matchups are determined by the best of a specific odd number, usually five or seven. For instance, the first person to win three games in a 5-set match or four games in a 7-set matchup wins.

A standard table tennis matchup is played on a table with 9ft length, 5ft width, and 2.5ft height. The net’s height is six inches, and the plastic ball is 40mm+. Finally, the table tennis racquet is required to be black on one side. 

Table Tennis Betting Markets

Like most one-on-one sports, table tennis has a series of bet types that you can wager on. So, here is a quick breakdown of the notable ones. 


Most games are a mix of an underdog and a clear favorite. In this case, the favorite has a line with the “-” symbol, while the underdog has a “+” beside the line. This type of bet is for you to bet on either the favorite or underdog. You win or lose based on the outcome of the game. 


You can bet over/under on table tennis matches. Here, you are betting on the total points scored in the game. You are to choose if the total will be more or less than the specified number provided by the sportsbook. 


Parlays work the same way in table tennis. You are choosing to bet on multiple matchups at the same time. So, if you feel you can predict more than one game at once, you can place a parlay bet. 


There are other types of bets you will find in table tennis absent in other sports. For instance, you can bet on the exact number of games they will play in a particular matchup or which games would be decided by extra points. Also, you can bet on the 1st game-winner, third game point handicap, etc.

How to Get Started

To start betting on table tennis, you need to find a sportsbook with the best table tennis betting odds. Once you find one, you should register, deposit money into your bet account, and go to the table tennis betting section. Select any upcoming or live games, go to your preferred betting market, and choose the option you want to bet on by clicking on the accurate table tennis odds provided by the sportsbook to place your first bet.

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Table Tennis FAQS

BetUS is an excellent choice because the sportsbook has one of the best table tennis betting odds in the US online sports betting market.
To place your first bet, go to the BetUS site, sign-up, deposit, claim the signup bonuses, enter the sportsbook section, select tennis, and place your preferred bet.
In most cases, the favorite to win is the player or team with the lower betting line or with the negative symbol beside the line. But because they are favorites does not mean they will win every time.
Table tennis odds are simply indications of the chances of particular options occurring. So, if a top seed player is facing a newbie, the chances of the top seed winning are higher. Therefore, the odds given to the player will be lower. So, any bet on the favorite equals a low payout.
Any matchup listed on the sportsbooks comes with varying table tennis betting odds, and each player has their odds based on who’s the favorite and underdog.

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Rolling If Bets are:
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