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Rot Odds to win NFC West Moneyline
801 Los Angeles Rams     +25000
802 San Francisco 49ers     -600
803 Arizona Cardinals     +10000
804 Seattle Seahawks     +400
2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.



Brief History

Many scholars believe American football’s origins evolved when games like football and rugby first debuted in the British Isles in the eighteenth century. However, the first formal meeting was between Rutgers University and Princeton in 1869.

Aside from the clear regulations, the most severe issue was the number of tragic incidents on the field. It’s worth noting that in the first decade of the twentieth century, 40 athletes were killed playing football.

The participants’ absence of defined game rules and the lack of proper equipment were the causes of this circumstance. Following such tortures, the most popular sport in the U.S. was developed. However, it did not take off until after World War I.

The new regulations were implemented at that time, many of which are still in use today (with slight adjustments). The inter-university league was primarily responsible for the game’s popularity.

Regular matchups between the greatest colleges in the west and the east, known as the Rose Bowl, have been held since 1916. Professional football began in 1920 with the formation of the first league (AFL).

Main Events During the Year

Even if you’ve never seen an American football game in your life, you’ve almost surely heard of the Super Bowl, which is one of the world’s most important sporting events.

It has been held annually since 1966 and features the finalists from the 16 teams in each conference, divided into four divisions based on their geographical location, with teams competing for the opportunity to participate throughout the season.

However, the Super Bowl is not the only popular event. Aside from the NFL and the Super Bowl, the following are additional major American football athletic events:

  • Conference Playoffs
  • Division Playoffs
  • NFL Pro Bowl

How do Football Odds Work

Perhaps you’ve wondered what kinds of bets physical and online sportsbooks have on American football. Here are some of the most popular and accessible ones:

Moneyline – A wager on one team to win is called a moneyline bet.

Handicap betting or Point Spreads is a wager that evens the odds between teams with varying abilities. If a team or a player is better than its opponent, the bookmaker will offer the weaker team an edge before the match.

Some bookmakers compute handicaps for the whole game, while others include overtime. Because of this, it’s important to read the rules and conditions before making a wager.

Under/Over: An over/under bet is when the bookmaker specifies a certain number of points that will be scored in a game. You can stake your money on whether the actual scoreline will be UNDER or OVER the specified amount.

Depending on your choice, you win if both teams score more or fewer points. Important: Unless the rules or the bookmaker allows overtime, the amount of points is only computed for full time.

Conference winner bet – this is a prop bet that can be made before and during the season. Users stake their money on a team to win the conference. Important: This form of wager is only available during the regular season, after which the playoffs begin.

Super Bowl winner bet is a prop bet in which users forecast which team will win the game. Important: This sort of bet will only be calculated after the last playoff matchup.

First Touchdown – This is another prop bet where you must guess which team will score the game’s first touchdown. It is usually a simple wager in which you bet on one team or another.

Player Scores – a wager on the number of points a player scores in a game in the form of an over/under bet. It is similar to the game under/over wager.


Football, and the NFL in particular, has seen many different tournaments and competitions ever since the beginning. In the beginning, there was no concept of finals, while now one cannot imagine football without it.

In the current format, the finalist teams play against each other for the league championship in the esteemed and widely-watched Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sporting events globally and the biggest in the US.

BetUS Offer

Bonuses at sportsbooks are a brilliant method to boost your bankroll when betting on football betting odds, and welcome bonuses are the best. For example, BetUS offers a generous 125% signup bonus of up to $2,500.

On deposits of $100 or more, this sports bonus will more than double your money. However, this offer comes with rollover conditions, which means you’ll have to play through your deposit plus bonus ten times before you can request a withdrawal.

If you want to deposit using crypto, BetUS provides a 150% match bonus up to $7,500, divided into two parts: a 100% sports bonus and a 50% casino bonus. On deposits between $100 and $5,000, the 100% sports bonus will double your money.

Unfortunately, this bonus comes with rollover conditions, which means you’ll have to wager it ten times before you can withdraw.

Betting Strategy

You now have an overview of online sports betting and football and how they interact. Here are some suggestions for a great betting strategy when wagering football betting lines.

Who’s in Good Shape?

Like every team in general, every NFL franchise goes through periods of highs and lows. For example, a specific team, called team X, may be towards the bottom of the league but at the same time on a four-game winning streak. You certainly do not want to wager against them while they are on a winning streak.

In this case, a football online betting site may opt to disregard this information and rate team X as underdogs against a stronger opponent. Given the team’s previous history, they may be considered favorites to win or, at the very least, less of an underdog than the oddsmakers expect.

Betting on football is all about finding market flaws, and this situation is an example of when the bookmakers’ odds are slightly wrong.

Finding Value

If you want to be good at football betting, the first skill you must master is finding value. Different games have different betting options, and you must figure out which ones are best for the game at hand.

Suppose you know the Washington Commanders are notorious for scoring many touchdowns and surrendering a lot of points.

In that case, you may look for football bets and back them to score a certain number of touchdowns while also giving up so many touchdowns.

To discover the most decent bets, you must first analyze a team’s strengths and shortcomings. Once you learn to match teams and bets, you’ll notice that your success rate skyrockets.

Keep an Eye on Your Expenses

It’s critical to maintain track of your funds while betting on any sport in the realm of online betting, whether it’s American Football or not.

Therefore, one of the most critical skills a sports bettor can have is bankroll management, which comprises two primary aspects: knowing how much money you have and establishing limitations.

For example, if your bankroll is $500, you should only risk around $5 every wager. The greatest approach to avoid catastrophic losses (losing all of your money) and give yourself a chance to earn a decent profit is to stick to roughly 10% of your bankroll on each wager.

If you want to become a more practical sports bettor, you need to understand how to manage your money and identify market value.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are wagers on things like the crowd’s behavior, the number of people in attendance, and which player will perform the best. It can even give odds on how many celebrities will attend the Super Bowl.

Prop wagers are popular because they provide a different aspect to sports betting than conventional wagers. Plus, they are much more fun.

Important Teams to Play

Some NFL football teams are much more popular than others. Some have a much larger fanbase, while others have a more impressive trophy cabinet.

However, it should not matter if one team has a bigger fanbase or a more impressive collection of titles, but only your expertise and knowledge about a team.

You need to have good knowledge, both in terms of its strong points and weaknesses, to make excellent and informed wagers on football. That being said, sportsbooks usually offer slightly more attractive odds on teams that boast more fans and generate a larger handle. Here are the most popular teams:

  • New England Patriots
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Denver Broncos


Betting Guide

When it comes to football and NFL betting, one of the most important skills is understanding football betting odds. For each person, the sport’s popularity has varied implications.

One of the reasons it is so popular to bet on is because there are so many possibilities for placing the best football wagers, such as money lines, props, parlays, points spreads, football futures, and more.

It all comes down to getting favorable odds, which is the key to maximizing your income when it comes to sports betting.

After thoroughly analyzing and evaluating all of the leading online sportsbooks, you should decide to wager on the most acceptable odds of all types.

That is why it is critical to understand how to read football betting odds correctly. Then, you’ll be able to bet successfully after you’ve done so.

What Are Football Odds?

Before becoming a proficient bettor, you must first understand what football odds are and how they function. If your wager is successful, the odds will show you how much money you win.

Nowadays, mathematical algorithms and powerful statistics drive oddsmaking, mainly replacing the manual setting with Vegas sharps.

When it comes to giving lines, the primary goal for sportsbooks is to avoid losing money while still collecting commission (‘vig’ or ‘juice’). They do it by balancing the bets, meaning the losing side of the bet must always cover and compensate the winning side.

Your goal is to locate and employ the best odds available to increase your winnings.

Points Spreads

In football, a point spread is a statistic calculated by oddsmakers for sportsbooks to offer a team an advantage or disadvantage depending on the projected win margin.

For example, the favorite team would be at a disadvantage since it would have to win by a particular number of points, but the underdog would be granted an advantage because they would only have to lose by a certain number of points or win outright to cover the spread and win the wager.

Typically, an NFL game’s point spread might look like this:

  • -7 New Orleans Saints
  • +7 Atlanta Falcons

This signifies the Saints have a 7-point advantage over the Falcons. Each team is usually given a vig for the spread at the sportsbook in order to keep the matchup equitable and level the playing field for bettors while the sportsbook still profits.

Before the game, bettors must decide whether they believe the Saints will win by more than seven points or whether they believe the Falcons will win or keep the spread above seven points.

If you bet on the Saints -7 and New Orleans wins 31-28, your bet loses because the Falcons covered the +7 spread.


In every NFL game, the total is the expected final score of both teams. The total is determined by oddsmakers depending on how they believe a game will play out in terms of scoring.

As a bettor, you must decide whether the final score will be over or under the predetermined total. There are several things to consider before making an over/under wager.


When you place an NFL moneyline bet, you choose the team you believe will win the game outright. Moneyline betting is also known as a straight-up wager at the sportsbook since it requires picking one team to win over the other.

Because there are usually ability and talent gaps between the two teams, the favorite’s odds are lower because there is less possibility of them losing the game to the underdog.

For example, imagine the New York Jets played the New England Patriots, the chances would be as follows:

– 160 for the Patriots

+140 for the Jets

If you put a $160 wager on New England, you will win $100, which includes your initial $160 as well as your winnings of $100. On the other hand, if you bet $100 on New York and they win, you’ll win $140 — you’ll get your $100 back plus your $140 in profits.

Betting on the underdogs, the Jets in this case, is considered a riskier wager, but it pays out handsomely. Betting on the Patriots, on the other hand, is less risky, which means it pays out less.

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Football Faqs

BetUS is a very solid betting provider in the US. It has a functional interface as well as a very capable mobile betting infrastructure,
In addition, it is a legal and licensed betting site. Lastly, the bonus offers and variety of wagers available are also very decent.

This is a very general question. In truth, there is no one way of betting on football odds.
There are various types of football odds and betting lines, and each requires unique handicapping skills. More detailed information can be found in the article above.

Yes. Expert bettors utilize different strategies when betting on football. These strategies vary greatly, but there are some that are widely applicable.
Firstly, finding good value among betting lines is important. However, maintaining tight and robust bankroll management is also very vital.

There are several types of football odds. Different sportsbooks offer varying odds.
However, generally speaking, the favorite to win is normally given lower odds, hence lower payouts, while the underdogs are given higher odds and payout. This means that winning big is more likely to occur when betting on the underdog in a football game.

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