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Handball Betting Odds & Lines


Handball is a team sport played on an indoor pitch with two teams of seven. Each team has six outcourt players and a goalkeeper to protect their respective posts for the match.

This sport is all about which team can outscore the other. Therefore, they devise strategies and plans to thwart the opponent’s defenses and put the ball in their net.

From the name, it is not surprising that the sport is played with hands, and the players try to carry it to the opponent’s goal.

But each goal post is surrounded by a 20 ft zone where only the defending goalkeeper is allowed into the space. In that case, the attacking teams can only score from outside or as they dive into the zone.

Although the sport is generally played on an indoor court, you can also find a few outdoor variants called Field Handball.

Also, the sport is high scoring. Therefore, you can expect high total spreads when you want to bet on Handball.

Brief History

In the closing years of the 19th century, Handball was codified in Denmark, and by 1917, the first modern set of rules became public.

These rules were published by Max Heiser, Erich Konigh, and Karl Schelenz in Berlin on the 29th of October. As a result, the date became the sport’s official birth date.

Over the years, the rules have had multiple changes, but the base gameplay has generally been the same.

The first official match was played in 1917, and in 1925, teams played the first international games under new rules made in 1919.

After that, the sport entered the Summer Olympics in 1936, and the Internation Handall Federation was born in 1946, solidifying the sport as a global sport.

Main Events During the Year

In Handball, there are many competitions available worldwide and many nations with multiple events public.

In that case, you can find different national Handball competitions. Also, during the Olympic years, Handball is one of the sports available in the tournament, and there are men’s and women’s world championships.

Therefore, if you want to engage in Handball betting, you might want to check these significant competitions.

Besides that, you can look at your region to see the national tournaments available yearly. Undoubtedly, you’ll find many matches for men’s and women’s Handball teams.

How do Handball Odds Work?

Like every other major global sport, you’ll find different Handball betting odds whenever you want to bet on the sport.

In that case, you might want to understand how it works before jumping into the betting market to place your bet. However, if you know how sports odds work, you won’t have issues with Handball.

In that case, you should know that Handball odds are all about favorites and underdogs. It also indicates the Handball lines with the best chance to win and those not expected to do well.

You can use the odds to know which team is playing well, especially when you try to bet on which team would win.


Different competitions have finals that, in most cases, determine who will win the trophy. Especially in significant cup or medal competitions like the World Championships or Olympics, the finals are paramount, and they usually consist of the best teams from the Handball team list. Therefore, they are top teams.

If you want to bet on finals, you might have issues with it, given that the teams are usually closely matched, and it would be difficult to separate them.

In most cases, you can’t tell which one is the clear underdog or favorite. Therefore, their odds are usually very close, making it hard to pick one.

BetUS Offer

Betting on Handball is excellent since more than enough competitions are available everywhere. Many countries have national competitions and leagues that many teams compete in yearly, and the best teams try to continue their domination. And the others keep trying to compete and cause upsets.

With the team competing for different titles, it is easy to see other Handball lines. However, you need a sports betting site where you can place your bets.

Therefore, we recommend BetUS. It is a top-notch betting site with plenty of offers that would make your time as a member worthwhile. Consequently, you should give it a try.

Betting Strategy

Before you start betting on Handball games, you should ensure that you try to find the right strategy, or you should create one for yourself unless you will miss out on a great way to reduce your risk of losing too much and give yourself the chance to win more. Therefore, you need a handball strategy.

To build a betting strategy, you must understand the leagues and competition and how you can read the different stats available.

You have to know how to tell which team is performing and which one is not. Therefore, you should take the time to explore as many options as possible to create your betting strategy.

Props Bets

When you want to bet, you need to find a betting market to work with, and a good option is props bets. It is a particular type of bet that lets you choose different events in a specific game that may or may not happen despite the outcome of the match. In that case, you’re focusing on different situations.

Important Teams to Play

Every competition has top teams you can bet on whenever you want to try your luck. These teams have proven over the years that they can face any challenge and overcome it.

Therefore, they have better track records and players. In addition, you can trust them to deliver most of the time, giving you a more reasonable win percentage.

Betting Guide

Before you embark on your journey to bet on Handball, it is better if you can understand the different aspects of betting on the sport.

You have to start with how to get started and then learn about the other options and the types of betting available. Once you have that, you can begin your betting process, trying your luck on the games.

How to Bet on Handball Odds

If you want to bet on Handball odds, you must have a sports betting account. Fortunately, many gambling sites let you place bets on Handball competitions and leagues. Therefore, you can pick one, create an account, register, and deposit money to start the betting process.

Once you are done, you should go to the Handball section, pick the games you want, and make predictions.

After making your picks, enter the amount you wish to bet and submit your bet. If you’re right, you’ll win. Otherwise, you can try again. If you want to start, you should try out BetUS.

Different Handball Betting Options

When it comes to Handball, there are different betting options for you to give a try. You can bet on the entire match, or the first or second period, depending on how you want to go about your wager.

Aside from that, you can bet on upcoming games in the next hour or days as long as they are available.

In addition to that, you can bet on live games if you miss the kickoff. In this case, the match has already begun, and you’ll see that the odds would have adjusted according to how the teams are playing.

Therefore, you might have a better or worse odd than the original. You can also go for the outright options if you want a more long-term thing.

Popular Handball Betting Types

Many handball betting types are available; if you don’t bet on the sport, you need to choose the right one.

So, to give you insight into the sport, we’ve highlighted some popular types of betting in Handball. Keep reading to learn more.

Match Winner

If you decide to bet on individual matches, you can consider betting on the match-winner option. In this case, choose which team you think would win the tie after both periods.

In this case, there are usually favorites and underdogs, which means they will come with varying odds, with the choices having the least odd.


Teams can be far apart in terms of abilities, and as a result, you will find handicap options where you can balance the teams on the bet lines. In this case, you’re betting on which team would win or lose by a certain number of goals.

Depending on the one you bet on, to win the bet, they have to win by that margin or not lose by the margin.

Winning Margin

You can also decide to bet on the margin in which a team would win a game. In this case, you’re betting on how many goals they will score minus the amount they will concede.

Therefore, this can be five+, seven+, ten+, etc., depending on the spread from the sports betting site. However, if the team wins by the specified margin or more, you will succeed.

Total Goals

There is also the Total Goals option, where you can bet on the final number of goals both teams would score at the end of the match.

It is a combination of the goals both teams score, and you’ll have to choose if they will go above or below a particular line. The bookmakers create a specific bet line, and you have to bet if the total goals will be more or less than the line.

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Handball Faqs

BetUS is a good option to bet on Handball online because it offers some of the best odds and betting lines. Therefore, you have access to top-notch resources and bonuses.
If you want to bet on the sport, you should log into your bet account, deposit money, and pick Handball as your preferred sport. After that, choose your games and put the amount you want to wager to complete the bet.
You can always ensure that you research the games before you bet on them, and you should follow expert picks.
If you know how sports odds work, handball betting odds are easy to understand. The favorites get the lower odds, and the underdogs get the higher odds.

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