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Betting on 2023 NFL Season: Miami Dolphins

Being a Miami Dolphins fan should be considered not for the faint of heart. When the ‘Fins take the field, volatility feels like the name of the game. For NFL lines fans though, betting on Miami always offers a level of value that can’t be denied.

After making it to the postseason last year, losing to the Buffalo Bills in the wild-card round, and with the addition of key pieces to their roster like CB Jalen Ramsey, LB David Long, and SDeShon Elliott, the Dolphins don’t want the 2023 season to go in vain. Sitting third in our NFL odds list to win the AFC East division at +300, will Miami have enough to take down Buffalo and New York?

Betting on 2023 NFL Season: Miami Dolphins
The Miami Dolphins wait to take the field before a preseason | bryan cereijo/getty images/afp

Miami Dolphins, Yay or Nay?

To root or not to root for the Dolphins this season. That is a predicament that Shakespeare would’ve never thought about writing, so let me break this down. If you were to base yourself mainly on Miami’s numbers last season, then yes, do yourself a favor and ride with Miami as your preferred NFL pick for the season.

Miami was 6th on total offense in 2022, had a top-four rushing defense, and a slew of players on both sides of the ball to compose a team worthy of a strong playoff run. The only issue keeping them from being true NFL betting were injury scares and inconsistent performances throughout the season.

Miami was one team before Tua Tagovailoa’s injury and another afterward. A healthy Tagovailoa is the biggest guarantee for Miami to be a contender in the AFC. With Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, and new signee Braxton Berrios running routes, as well as a buffed-up running game, a solid defensive front line, and a secondary poised for a breakout year, only Miami could stop Miami.

If the Dolphins can’t manage to protect their top players, though, this could be a long and grueling season ahead.

Three Players to Watch

I’ve been a fan of Tagovailoa ever since his days playing in Alabama. Just like many other Nick Saban-groomed QBs, he has the right tools to be great. As previously said, a healthy Tagovailoa is the most significant guarantee for Miami to be a contender in its conference, simple as that.

This team’s offense looks tailor-made to play in Tua’s favor. If he can hit the ground running in 2023 and not fall victim to injuries once again, stopping Tagovailoa’s offense in Miami will be a pain.

Staying with the offense, give me a wide receiver better than Tyreek Hill in the AFC East and I’ll give you 10 reasons to change your mind. Yes, Buffalo has Stefon Diggs, and New York has Garrett Wilson, but Hill can blast them and not break a sweat doing it. The Tua/Cheetah connection is a thing, and if it can hit its full potential in 2023, it will be a scary sight to face.

Lastly, on defense, if you think I’m going all in on Ramsey, you have another thing coming. Miami’s best player on defense – as shown last season – and who will most likely be the savior of this team’s secondary will be Jevon Holland. He led the team in solo tackles and interceptions last season. Mark my words when I say that Holland will be the definitive factor in keeping Miami competitive in each game.

Season Prediction

Every time I watch the Dolphins play, I can’t help but think about Scarface. The Dolphins sometimes give off that rags to riches feel, but once it looks like they hit their stride, they go Tony Montana on everyone – starting with themselves – and end up blowing it.

The Dolphins have so many great assets in their favor that it’s hard to grasp the fact they aren’t riding higher on our list to win the AFC Conference. But then again, it’s Miami we’re talking about. If they manage to put on a strong first half of the season, there might be a chance of making it into the playoffs.

But don’t get your hopes up, ‘Fins fans. Just like last year, the ride could end up finishing in the wildcard round at best.

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