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NFL Specials

Seahawks Week 1 QB Sun, Jul 31, 2022 EST

Rot Who will start as QB on week 1 of 2022/2023 season for SEA Seahawks Moneyline
80001 Drew Lock     +125
80002 Geno Smith     +300
80003 Baker Mayfield     +350
80004 Jimmy Garopolo     +700
80005 Gardner Minshew     +900
80006 Jameis Winston     +900
80007 Marcus Mariota     +1200
80008 Tyler Huntley     +2000

NFL Specials Odds and lines


In the NFL, there are constantly many things that are always happening and changing. The NFL is full of moves, from coaches getting fired to if a coach will survive the current season with a team.

NFL specials betting covers a wide range of NFL events. If it can happen in the NFL, you will see it in the NFL specials.

Building a strategy around the NFL specials will hang on this; what exact thing from the NFL are you betting on? Each part will require a different approach, and it will be wise to research everything you can with what you are placing a wager on.

How To Bet On NFL Specials

With all the things in the NFL Specials that you can bet on, strategies will have to be focused on the particular item you are betting on. One thing you can bet on is, “Which coach in the NFL will be next to get fired?” Another item in the same category is if a particular coach will be with the team at the start of the new season.

Here, we will look at some strategies to use when betting on NFL coaches.

  • How long has the coach been on “the hot seat” with the team’s management?
  • Has there been talk before the start of the NFL season that the coach might get fired?
  • Has the coach posted a bad season the previous year, and does it look like he will have a worse season this year?
  • Is there any news that management might keep the coach around for another year?
  • Has the coach been with the team for a long time and only had a few bad seasons?
  • Does it look like the team would want the coach gone along with management?
  • When was the last time the coach had a winning season?

There will also be some best and worse record betting on the NFL specials list, along with if a team will win their division or not. These options require a different strategy.

Here, we will look at some strategies to use when betting on NFL teams.

  • Is the team tied with another team for most wins or losses?
  • What is the remaining schedule of the team?
  • If you are betting on the lesser team, do they have hard teams remaining on the schedule?
  • If you are betting for the best team, do they have easy teams remaining on the schedule?
  • If betting on if a team can win their division, who can bypass them in their division?
  • What is the remaining schedule of the other teams that could overtake the team you are betting on?
  • If teams are tied, which team would win based on a tiebreaker?
  • Are the odds favorable enough to make multiple bets to hedge a single bet if teams are tied?

Hedging bets is most common when dealing with plus odds. It might be good to hedge the bet if the favorite has plus odds but has other teams tied with them. If you employ hedging of your bet, make sure you do not bet more than you will recover on the lowest odds bet. This will ensure that you will make some type of profit off your bet.

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FAQs About The NFL Specials

A: As long as you reside in a state where online sports betting is legal, you can bet on the NFL specials.

A: All betting options on the NFL specials section are money line bets. You will have one of three odds types for each option. Plus odds, even odds, or negative odds.

A: You can find the NFL SPECIALS on the left side of the page under the FOOTBALL link. When on the NFL SPECIALS section, you will see all the betting options in the middle of the screen. When you find the option you want to bet on, make your pick by clicking on the odds number next to the item you are betting on. This will place your bet on the bet slip on the right side of the screen. You will then need to enter the amount you want to wager. After that, click on PLACE MY BET to finalize the bet.

A: As each section of the NFL specials is different, there is no one favorite. However, the favorite for the area you want to bet on will be the person or team with the lowest odds.

A: The NFL specials odds work just like any other NFL game money line would work. This section will include plus odds, even odds, and negative odds. The favorite will have the lowest odds. As the NFL season comes closer to ending, odds will keep moving down for favorites, while underdogs will get increased odds.

A: Negative odds in the NFL specials indicate that the person or team is a favorite to win that section of the NFL specials. Negative odds will increase for the favorite as the season approaches its end. Negative odds can also show that a person or team has the highest chance of winning their NFL specials section.

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