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NCAAM Championship : Odds to Win

Sat, Jul 02, 2022 EST

Rot Odds To Win NCAA Mens Championship Moneyline
1 Kansas     13.00
2 Arkansas     15.00
3 Duke     15.00
4 Houston     11.00
5 UCLA     15.00
6 Kentucky     13.00
7 North Carolina     11.00
8 Baylor     19.00
9 Arizona     23.00
10 Gonzaga     9.50
11 Texas Tech     34.00
12 Michigan     34.00
13 Villanova     41.00
14 Alabama     41.00
15 Tennessee     41.00
16 Oregon     51.00
17 Creighton     23.00
18 Michigan State     67.00
19 Illinois     34.00
20 Purdue     51.00
21 Auburn     41.00
22 Florida State     81.00
23 Virginia     41.00
24 Texas     41.00
25 Ohio State     81.00
26 TCU     67.00
27 USC     67.00
28 Colorado State     126.00
29 Notre Dame     101.00
30 San Diego State     101.00
31 Connecticut     67.00
32 Dayton     81.00
33 Saint Louis     101.00
34 Miami Florida     101.00
35 Wisconsin     101.00
36 Iowa     101.00
37 Providence     101.00
38 Louisville     101.00
39 Indiana     34.00
40 Syracuse     126.00
41 Oklahoma     101.00
42 Saint Marys CA     126.00
43 Xavier     81.00
44 Florida     51.00
45 Iowa State     151.00
46 Davidson     151.00
47 Iona     151.00
48 Oklahoma State     151.00
49 St. Bonaventure     201.00
50 Wake Forest     151.00
51 Maryland     151.00
52 Marquette     151.00
53 Memphis     101.00
54 Loyola Chicago     151.00
55 Kansas State     201.00
56 Wyoming     151.00
57 Boise State     151.00
58 Texas A&M     151.00
59 Ole Miss     151.00
60 Virginia Tech     151.00
NCAA Men's Basketball Championship 2023. All Wagers Have Action. Others on Request.



It’s hard to think of March without thinking of March Madness and college basketball. Basketball is one of the most wagered on collegiate sports, and those numbers triple when we are looking at the games in March and April. The NCAAB Men’s Championship tournament occurs in the latter half of March and into April, playing in a bracket-style tournament with the championship game falling in early-to-mid April.

What makes the NCAAB Championship futures so difficult is the bracket-style tournament. You don’t even know exactly which teams are playing in the tournament or which teams are playing which until Selection Sunday which doesn’t leave a lot of time before the tournament begins. You can certainly bet on futures for top teams that will absolutely be listed to win the title outright, but you need to remember how risky those wagers will be.

There are over 300 Division I teams in college basketball and not all teams can be listed on the odds board. Only 68 teams head to March Madness, so even when the pool is narrowed down, you still have a huge selection of teams, and a tournament that is known for upsets ahead of you. Once the final two teams are revealed, the plethora of sports betting options on the NCAAB Championship game will flood in, and you will have more options than you could ever imagine.


Aside from the typical futures wager, where you will predict the winner of the NCAAB Championship title, you will have a huge variety of betting options, and we want to help you decide which ones you think will be winners for this year’s event.

For the Championship title game, there will be a moneyline wager, which essentially will ask you to pick a team to win outright. The team doesn’t have to win by a certain amount, you just need to pick the team who wins at the end of the game.

A point spread will appeal to those who want to predict a score differential, where you will see odds set by the sportsbook, showing what the estimated point differential will be. Your job is to determine if you think the favored team, displayed with a negative number, will win the game by that many points, or if the underdog team will lose by less than the positive number of points, or win the game outright.

A totals wager is a little more simple, allowing you to bet on the combined number of points both teams will collectively score. You can place this wager without much knowledge of either team, as you just have to have an idea of how many points each team traditionally scores per game. Be aware these are the top two teams so check out the defensive style of the other team.

You can also find plenty of prop bets. Whether you are looking for player props, which allow you to bet on something like whether a certain player to net a certain number of points, team props which allow you to bet on something that a team will do, or game props which allow you to bet on quarters, halves or other options, you can find plenty of value in props when betting these big events.

Throughout the tournament and the Championship, you can parlay all of these wagering types together, as long as they don’t conflict or contradict each other. This can produce a huge payout if you correctly pick several different outcomes and combine them on the same bet slip.

If you’re ready to bet on the NCAAB Men’s National Championship, head over to the sportsbook and start betting on your favorites!

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You can bet on the NCAAB Men’s Championship right here at BetUS Sportsbook. We have a variety of men’s college basketball odds
You can bet on the NCAAB Men’s Championship odds easily by selecting a wager type you’d like to wager on and placing your wager.
Gonzaga is the favorite to win the 2022 NCAAB Men’s Championship
Throughout the season the odds will fluctuate and change when it comes to o NCAAB Men’s Championship futures, and the odds for the game bets will change leading up to the final game.
There are so many teams it can be challenging to bet on the winner of the NCAAB Men’s Championship, but do plenty of research and make educated betting decisions to ensure you are doing your due diligence.

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