Sunday, October 24
10:43:16 EST


NFL Passing Yards Leader

. Sun, Oct 24, 2021 EST

Rot 2021-2022 NFL Passing Yards Leader Moneyline
6001 Tom Brady     +250
6002 Patrick Mahomes     +450
6003 Russell Wilson     +10000
6004 Matthew Stafford     +750
6005 Dak Prescott     +750
6006 Josh Allen     +1400
6007 Aaron Rodgers     +4000
6009 Justin Herbert     +1000
6010 Kyler Murray     +1800
6012 Kirk Cousins     +2800
6013 Joe Burrow     +4000
6015 Matt Ryan     +5000
6016 Ben Roethlisberger     +6500
6017 Derek Carr     +800
6018 Trevor Lawrence     +10000
6019 Lamar Jackson     +5000
6021 Sam Darnold     +4000
6022 Daniel Jones     +6500
6023 Jared Goff     +8000
6024 Mac Jones     +10000
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