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Germany Bundesliga 1 Outrights

Fri, Feb 04, 2022 EST

Rot Top Goalscorer Germany Bundesliga I 2021/22 Moneyline
55 Robert Lewandowski     -4000
56 Erling Haaland     +2000
57 Andre Silva     +50000
62 Serge Gnabry     +25000
63 Thomas Muller     +50000
70 Patrik Schick     +2000
73 Jmal Musiala     +50000
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Rot To Win Outright Germany Bundesliga 1 W/O Bayern Munich 2021/22 Moneyline
20 Borussia Dortmund     -2500
21 RB Leipzig     +2000
22 Bayer Leverkusen     +1600
23 Borussia Mgladbach     +50000
24 Wolfsburg     +100000
25 Eintracht Frankfurt     +50000
26 Hertha Berlin     +150000
27 TSG Hoffenheim     +10000
28 Union Berlin     +5000
29 VfB Stuttgart     +150000
30 SC Freiburg     +10000
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Rot To Finish in Top 4 Germany Bundesliga 1 2021/22 Moneyline
40 Bayern Munich     -250000
41 Borussia Dortmund     -100000
42 RB Leipzig     -175
43 Bayer Leverkusen     -190
44 Borussia Mgladbach     +6600
45 Wolfsburg     +10000
46 Eintracht Frankfurt     +2800
47 Hertha Berlin     +10000
48 TSG Hoffenheim     +350
49 VfB Stuttgart     +50000
50 Mainz     +2000
51 SC Freiburg     +350
52 Cologne     +2000
53 Augsburg     +100000
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Rot To Be Relegated Germany Bundesliga 1 2021/22 Moneyline
70 Greuther Furth     -25000
71 Vfl Bochum     +500
72 Arminia Bielefeld     +120
74 FC Augsburg     +120
75 Mainz 05     +10000
78 Cologne     +8000
79 Hertha Berlin     +1100
80 Eintracht Frankfurt     +10000
82 Wolfsburg     +900
83 VfB Stuttgart     +200
84 Borussia Mgladbach     +2000
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Sat, Feb 05, 2022 EST

Rot To Win Outright Germany Bundesliga 1 2021/22 Moneyline
1 Bayern Munich     -3300
2 Borussia Dortmund     +1400
3 RB Leipzig     +100000
4 Bayer Leverkusen     +50000
5 Borussia Mgladbach     +450000
6 Wolfsburg     +450000
7 Eintracht Frankfurt     +100000
8 Hertha Berlin     +450000
9 TSG Hoffenheim     +100000
10 Union Berlin     +100000
11 VfB Stuttgart     +450000
12 Mainz     +150000
All wagers have action. Others on request

Germany Bundesliga Outrights

The German Bundesliga is the top level of German soccer and is one of the most well-attended sporting leagues in the entire world. From August to May, 18 teams will compete to win the title and qualify for the DFL-Supercup.

There are two divisions in the Bundesliga, ‘cleverly’ named Bundesliga 1 and Bundesliga 2. The Bundesliga runs on a system of promotion and relegation, so you won’t see the same teams each and every year.

What is unique about the Bundesliga is that it functions like the Premier League and doesn’t have an actual competition to contest the winner of the league. The standings for the season reflect the outcome and the top team in the league after the last game will win the title.

This makes futures betting really interesting as it makes things almost more predictable when we get going in the season. Obviously, if one team ends up crushing every team that stands in their path and have a huge lead over the second-place team in total wins, the futures odds for that specific team would be worth almost nothing.

Futures wagers allow you to bet on an outcome, months in advance, and betting on a team closer to the end of the season won’t yield the same odds or benefits as it would when you bet early on. This is more true in Bundesliga than almost any other soccer league in the world.

When the total outcome is based on the record of a team, you will want to get your Bundesliga outrights wagers in as soon as you can, so you can make sure you aren’t missing out on any potential big winnings.

Keep an eye on this page for all the most up to date German Bundesliga futures and outright wagers throughout the season, make sure you keep an eye on those standings as you won’t want to miss out on your golden opportunity to grab some underdog odds before they start their next winning streak!

Visit our Soccer News section, or check out our Soccer Picks page and our specialized Youtube Channel: BetUS Soccer Picks and Predictions for the best information you can find to bet on the German Bundesliga Outrights.

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