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Sun, Sep 11, 2022 EST

Point Spread
Team Total
+7 1.83
44.5  1.91o
-7 2.00
44.5  1.91u

NFL Steelers vs Bengals Week 1


The week one matchup between the Steelers and Bengals features two AFC North rivals that have played some intense and nasty games before.

The season for Pittsburgh is up in the air, as they no longer have starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Instead, they have Mitchell Trubisky and Kenny Pickett, two quarterbacks who could battle for the starting job during the preseason.

The Bengals are coming off a Super Bowl year where they came up a little short against the Los Angeles Rams. However, they still have their three key offensive players who are ready to attempt a repeat of last season.

Quarterback Joe Burrow, along with wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase and running back Joe Mixon are key players to watch during this game.

The Steelers defense will need to step up to help their offense stay in the game. T. J Watt looks to lead the Steeler defense that ranked fifth in red zone touchdown percentage last season.

However, their other defensive stats last season put them near the bottom of the league. They can’t afford that going against a division rival early in the NFL season. The addition of linebacker Myles Jack and the potential return of run-stopper Stephon Tuitt.

With a tough Bengals offense, these players will need to perform to stop them from pulling away early in the game.

How do Steelers vs Bengals Odds Work for this Matchup?

Gamblers can find different Vegas NFL odds on every different wagering option. These odds are assigned based on the likelihood of success, with options having the best chances of winning getting the lowest odds.

You can wager money on NFL point spreads, the moneyline, the over/under, or even player props with the Steelers vs Bengals matchup.

The Bengals are defending AFC champions and come in at 7-point favorites. With the Bengals at -7, it means if they need to win by eight points or more to cover NFL point spreads.

When you examine the odds for the point spreads, you will most likely see minus odds for both teams, but could see plus odds if oddsmakers feel the points aren’t enough to cover.

There’s also an over/under of the total number of points scored for gamblers to wager on. An over/under of 44.5 points makes a total score of 44 or fewer points an under winner, while 45 points or more is an over winner.

Vegas NFL odds with the moneyline will always have the favorite with the worst odds and the underdog with the best odds. The moneyline wager is a great way to take advantage of an upset by the underdog team. With the Steelers as underdogs, they would need to win outright and upset the Bengals for a moneyline win.

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Prop Bets

If this week one matchup has you wanting to wager on something else, the prop bets might be the ticket for gamblers with this game.

The Steelers vs Bengals matchup features some of the young stars of the NFL and you can easily find player props for them. Prop bets could also have other options as well for gamblers to wager on.

Player props for Joe Burrow and his passing yards total could be one prop to wager on. Another player prop could be the total receiving touchdowns Ja’Marr Chase will have in the game. The player props don’t end there, but these two players are the hottest players in the NFL today.

HOW TO BET ON Steelers vs Bengals Matchup

With all the different wagering options, gamblers have plenty of choices with the Steelers vs Bengals matchup.

Both teams fight hard for a win anytime they face each other. With the Steelers being early underdogs, gamblers could take advantage of the NFL point spreads for them.

The Vegas NFL odds could shift a little depending on who is playing on the Steelers defense and at quarterback.

If you find this as a 7 point game, the Bengals might be the best option early with their roster for this season staying somewhat the same outside of offensive line improvements.

However, if the Steelers top defensive players are all healthy and ready on game day, they might be best on the NFL point spreads wager.

The game could be a close game if the Steelers defense shows up and their starting quarterback does well. However, not knowing who the starting quarterback will be, or if they can lead the team, might make things tricky with the Steelers.

The Steelers made every move possible to find their replacement for Ben Roethlisberger. With the players they signed, they have an interesting pair of players that will fight for the starting job. If they get anything over +7 points, that would be the best wager to make.

If you’re examining the moneyline, you’d be looking for the team to win outright. The Steelers give the best return as the underdogs for this game.

They could easily shock the Bengals if their offense can click during their first game of the season.If the first two wagering options don’t appeal to gamblers, there’s the over/under on total points scored.

This wager is straightforward for gamblers, as they only need to decide if the game will go over or under the total number of points oddsmakers put on this game. With the history between these two teams, there’s plenty of data to examine for this wager.

While the Vegas NFL odds and NFL point spreads look good for the Steelers early, gamblers might want to watch their preseason games to see if their offense clicks with the new leader.

It can also allow you to see if star players will miss the regular season game or get injured during the preseason. It’s also a great way to see who the Steelers pick for their starting quarterback.

If you bet early, examine both rosters and see who is already injured or might miss the regular season week one matchup.

With the Steelers, they added several new players like Kenny Pickett, Mitchell Trubisky, Myles Jack, and James Daniels. The Bengals made some tweaks on their offensive line to help protect Joe Burrow.

With this being a rivalry game, both teams will want to make a statement. The Steelers defense will want to shut down the Bengals and their hot offense from last season. The Bengals will want to prove to NFL fans they aren’t a fluke.

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