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Snooker Betting Odds & Lines


Snooker is one of the sports created by the British. It is a cue sport that is usually played on a rectangular table.The table has six pockets and is covered with a green cloth called baize.

The pockets are evenly distributed across the table, with four corners and two in the middle. You have to port the balls into any of the pockets.

It is not a contact sport; each player plays it with a cue stick to poke the balls into holes. The goal is to port as many balls into the pockets, and with each ball you port, you’ll get points, and the player with the most points will win the game. It is straightforward but can get a little complicated once you start to play at a high level.

Brief history

In 1875, the sport became its identity when British soldiers stationed in India made a set of rules combining pyramids and black pools.

Although initially, the word snooker was a derogatory term used to insult first-year/inexperienced military personnel, it later became the name of the sport and continued to gain recognition.

However, it wasn’t until 1919 that the game rules became standard after the Billards Association and Control Club was created.

Eight years after that, the first World Snooker Championship happened, and we had one of the first eras with Joe Davis winning the competition for fifteen straight years.

The sport’s modern era started in the late ‘60s, and from there, the sport became a global sensation, growing into what it is today. As it stands, we have many competitions in the world of snooker, offering bettors the chance to get snooker odds.

Main events during the year

The World Snooker Championship is the oldest tournament in the sport’s history, and it has continued to gain popularity in many countries.

Since 1927, we have witnessed some of the best snooker players from different parts of the world compete for the most prestigious trophy in snooker. It is also the most valued competition in the sport.

Aside from the world championship, there is the UK Championship, which has been around since 1977, making it the second oldest tournament in the sport’s history.

Then, the Masters’ tournament completes the Triple Crown series, a combination of the three oldest competitions in Snooker.

How do Snooker odds Work?

Snooker odds vary for each tournament, depending on the caliber of players available for the competition.

In that case, it is the combination of different metrics based on how the players have performed before the competition or in previous years. So, if there is a player with a consistently good stat, they are most likely getting the best odds.

On the other hand, players that have been poor in recent outings will have lower odds. The professional ranking also comes to play as the ranking tells how good a player is over a period.

In that case, when a player in number 1 plays another outside the top 20, the one in No.1 will get the lower snooker odds as he is the favorite to win.


We witness many different finals every year in Snooker. These finals come at the highest levels and the amateur levels.

In that case, you can place a snooker bet on these finals if you think you can predict who will win the competition. What you should do is check out the different competitions and how the players in the finals have been doing.

It will give you an idea of who is performing and who has struggled to make it to the finals. One of the biggest finals every year is the World Championship finals, where only the best players make it to the final stage.

Also, you can get the three Triple Crown series snooker lines. But you should know that only a handful of players have won all three in the same year.

BetUS Offer

Whenever you want to place bets on Snooker, you need to find a sports betting site to join. So, you should ensure that you find the right one to fit your plan.

Therefore, you can always go with the ones with more offers, an easy-to-use interface, and enough betting features. In that case, we would recommend you try BetUS.

The sports betting site covers all the major Snooker competitions. Therefore, you can easily place a snooker bet once you become a member of the betting site.

Aside from that, you can also enjoy different offers as a new player or whenever you hit a milestone as a bettor on the platform.

Betting Strategy

Before betting on snooker, you should create a betting strategy that works for you. You must find the one that would make it easy for you to place bets and win.

Therefore, you should spend the time going through as many betting strategies as you can find online. That way, you’ll not miss out on a chance to reduce your losses.

Some strategies can include backing the favorite, where you only bet on the players with the lower odds.

But you should know that using this strategy means the return will be small, and there is a chance that the underdogs can cause an upset.

Aside from that, you can try to hedge your to reduce the level of risk involved, giving you a better chance to win.

Props Bets

There are different types of bets that you can give a try, and a good one is props bets. It allows you to bet on different events that may not directly impact the game itself or the outcome.

It can be a bet on who will be the first to port the white cue ball, etc. The options you’ll get depend on the sports betting site you decide to join.

Important Players

There are top players in the world of snooker, and if you want to bet, you need to know who are the top players participating in the competition.

That way, you can back them from the start, especially when facing other players from the lower parts of the world snooker ranking table.


Whenever you want to start betting on Snooker, you should find a way to understand the sport and how to bet on it.

In that case, you need to familiarize yourself with an expert betting guide to help you kickstart your betting journey. With this, you’ll learn about the important parts that would help you become a better bettor.

We use this section to make you understand the different snooker betting options, the popular types, and how they explain how you can bet on Snooker odds. Therefore, you should let us dive right into it without wasting time.

Different Snooker Betting Options

Before you start betting on snooker, you should know the different events available and how you can bet on them.

You have different options available whenever you want to place bets; you just have to find the right way to get started. If you already know how sports betting works, you’ll not have any issues with snooker bets.

However, you need to have a sportsbook that allows placing a snooker bet. Aside from that, you will have to choose from the different snooker betting options.

Here, you can decide to bet on upcoming games in a tournament that has already started. Or, you can bet on games that are happening live. In addition, you can bet on tournaments that are about to start.

Finally, you can decide if you want to bet on individual games or the tournament. You can also focus your bet on certain players, especially when they are among the top picks in the world ranking table.

Once you’ve decided the option you want to bet on; you can pick out the market and place bets on the available odds.

Popular Types of Betting in Snooker

Like every popular sport, snooker has different kinds of bets you can place for each event. In this section, we’ll focus on the popular ones and how you can bet on them. Keep reading to learn more about these bets.

Outright Tournament Winner

You can decide to bet on the player you think will win the tournament. In this case, you can do it before or during the competition.

You should know that the odds will vary, and the players with a better chance of winning will get the lowest odds. Also, as the tournament progresses, the odds will increase or reduce depending on how they perform.

Match Winner

If you want to focus on individual matches, you can do so with the match-winner option. You’re trying to pick which player will win a particular matchup.

It is all about the player that will get the most points once the game has ended. Note that the favorite to win will always have the lower snooker odd.

Correct Score

If you want a bet type with the best chance of getting a huge return, you should go with the correct score option. But know that it is very risky, and your chances of making the right call are slim.

In this case, you’re betting on the final frame score outcome of the match, which is something that will take some doing.


As you can bet on goals in football, you can also bet on points in Snooker. There are two types of total bets. In this case, you can bet on the total frames or centuries, depending on the one that works for you.

For the full frames, you’re predicting if the number of frames will be more or less than the bookmaker’s spread point.

On the other hand, the total centuries is where you predict the total number of breaks more than scored in the match. It can be for both players or a single player.

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Snooker Faqs

BetUS is a good option because it offers some of the best betting features for players, and you’ll enjoy proper snooker odds.
If you want to bet on snooker, you should log into your bet account, go to the snooker section, and start betting.
You can use strategies, but you still need to rely on luck to win bets.
Regarding snooker odds, the favorite options get the lower odds, and the underdogs get the higher odds.

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Rolling If Bets are:
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