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Bet on the French Open Men's Outrights

Betting on the Outright Winner

There are many different men’s tennis events each year and one of the most heralded events is the French Open. The French Open takes place each year over the last few weeks of May and into the first week of June. Last year in 2021 was the first time that the French Open had tennis matches at night for either men or women. That will be coming back once again in the 2022 French Open.

One of the most popular bets to make for this event is to bet on the outright winner. When you bet on the outright you are making a bet prior to the event starting on who is going to win the event. You can bet the outright on either the singles favorite or the doubles favorite. One of the most popular bets in a tennis event is the outright prior to the event.

The reason that this bet is so popular is because you can place a bet on the French Open Men’s outright months in advance of the event. You do not need to wait until a few days prior to the event to make the bet and can bet on this much in advance of the event. Many people look at the odds right when the odds are released to look for value bets. These value bets could come from players that they think will get better over the time leading up to the event.

You can make the best bets early on by making those value bets early on. Odds will always shift in the time leading up to the event for a myriad of reasons such as injury or dropouts. You should always check the tennis odds to see if they have shifted leading up to the event. Regardless, the French Open Men outright odds are the most sought-after odds of the year.
Betting on the Favorite.


The best way to bet on the French Open Men outright is to put a bet on the early favorite. Generally, this will be a bet in the +150 to +300 range and you can make some good money if they end up winning. Their odds do not tend to move that much throughout the year unless they start to play badly or they get injured. If you do wait to make your French Open Men outright bet you could see someone else become the favorite prior to the event starting.

The odds changing is why a lot of people like to make a French Open Men bet early on in the year. As we mentioned before, people like to look for value bets and betting on someone early on at +1000 odds is great value as they could potentially move to +200 odds by the start of the event.

The most surefire way to make sure that you bring value to your money is by either betting on the favorite early on or placing some money on the players with the second, third, or fourth-best odds. These bets will usually give you a pretty solid return if one of them breaks through to win the event. This is also a good plan especially if more favored players need to drop out of the event due to injury or withdraw.

The French Open Men’s outrights are going to be a popular choice to bet on but not the only way that you will be able to bet on the event. Those who get in early generally have a lot of success but if you want to bet on the French Open Men without betting on the outrights then there are a lot of bets that you could still make.

You do not have to bet on the outright winner of the event if you want to bet on the French Open Men. You can use tennis odds of particular matches or you can also live bet matches if you think that it is a better avenue for you. While betting on the French Open Men outright might be the most popular, it is not for everyone.

During the event there are many different bets that you can make. You are able to make bets on who will have the next ace in a match, who will have the most double faults in a match, or even who will win the next set. This is a good way to bet if you do not want to wait for a couple of weeks to see if your bet will win or not.

There are many different ways that you can bet on tennis and there is a type of bet for everyone. If you like to bet on the favorite you can do that. Alternatively, if you want to bet on who will win each match then you are able to do that as well. Tennis is a good sport to bet on because you can make a slow paced bet or a fast-paced bet if you like to live bet.

Betting on tennis is unlike betting on a lot of sports and you are able to choose at what pace that you bet at. Make sure that you see the most updated odds of events though because tennis odds change at all times.


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French Open Men’s Outright Odds can be found on the BetUS website under the sportsbook. Navigate to the homepage, then click on “Sportsbook.” After that, click on “Tennis” on the left side of the page and scroll down to “French Open Men’s Outrights.”
Yes. Betting on the French Open is legal as long as you are in a state or country that allows sports betting. You can legally bet on the French Open Men’s outrights online or in a casino/sportsbook. One of the best places to bet on the French Open Men outright is on BetUS.
As of writing, the favorite to win the French Open Men is Rafael Nadel with +150 odds. This is a solid value as a $100 bet would net you $150. Be sure to keep up on the odds leading up to the event as they can change in the months and days leading to the event.
Nadal is the top contender right now as the betting favorite. Novak Djokovic (+225), Stefanos Tsitsipas (+400), Dominic Thiem (+700), and Alexander Zverev (+1400) round out the top five favorites.
BetUS is a great option to bet on the French Open Men Outrights because of the ease of use of the website. Everything is plainly laid out for you to have the ease of placing the bet that you want. It is one of the best sites to use for future bets as well. You can also live bet with ease if you intend to bet that way as well.
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