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Novelty Betting Odds & Lines


Novelty odds focus on entertainment. These lines are non-sports topics that include politics, movies, TV shows, award shows, and other events. Novelties involve current events that are trending. For instance, Tyreek Hill challenged D.K. Metcalf to a race. These are two of the NFL’s fastest players, so it garnered plenty of attention. Another example is betting lines for the next Pope in Vatican City.

Odds boost is another novelty option. This is a limited-time offer by sportsbooks with more profitable odds, enhancing your winnings. Odds-boosted baseball lines offer several options. For example, bettors can wager on no runs in the first inning or on a group of teams to win.

How Novelty Odds Work

Novelty odds look similar to most sports betting. As always, lines with a negative number are the favorite while underdogs have a positive number. Most offers are yes or no questions. For example, will Elon Musk complete his Twitter takeover before the end of the year? Currently, No is -150 while Yes is +110. In this example, a $150 wager would net a $100 profit for the -150, while a $100 bet would generate a $110 profit on the +110.

Some lines, like the next Pope, are futures bets. This offers a field of choices while each is assigned odds. Think of this like betting on who will win the Super Bowl. There will be favorites while others are major underdogs with odds of +1000 or more.

For odds boost, gamblers bet on an event. Plus, the lines offer a higher payout. For example, a wager could be placed on the Orioles, Mets, Rangers and Braves all winning on July 8. What makes this an odds boost? Previous odds were +550 but are +650 for a limited time. Of course, +650 would generate a $650 profit on a $100 bet, while +550 would net a $550 profit on a $100 wager. This can be a lucrative benefit for bettors.

Novelty Prop Bets

Props focus on a player or event occurring rather than an outcome of a game. An over/under on how many touchdowns a player scores could be a prop bet. For novelty lines, props are also offered.

These wagers get unique with fun ideas. Sportsbooks will often offer novelty props for what color Gatorade is poured on the winning coach of the Super Bowl. For most sports, novelty props are pretty much the same as regular props.

Novelty props are fun bets but can also lead to a lot of success. Props can take the stress out of betting. Less research and knowledge are required, which means less time invested. Overall, props involve a lot of luck. But, with practice, gamblers get a feel for what props to take. Experience is golden in the world of betting, especially for props.

BetUS Offer

Gamblers should always look for sportsbook offers. Sportsbooks consistently have bonuses available, especially sign-up bonuses for new bettors. These can be huge benefits leading to higher profits. Right now, BetUS Sportsbook is offering a 125% sign-up bonus up to $3,125 on your first deposit.


Novelty bets can be offered for nearly anything

For odds boost lines, familiar betting strategies can be utilized. Knowledge is key in betting. If you’re betting an odds boost for the NBA, know the game well. Recent trends can be helpful for bets on several teams winning on the same day. Have these teams been playing well? Could anything harm their chance of winning, like injuries? The same can be said about any novelty odds boosts for the NFL, MLB, soccer, etc.

When it comes to novelty lines for entertainment, developing a strategy can take time. Entertainment wagers deal with a lot of luck. For example, what strategy can go into betting on if/when Elon Musk takes over Twitter? This is simply a fun wager at its core with the chance to gain profit.

To read news is clearly the best help when betting on entertainment. Reports can sometimes hint at future events. For instance, sources could signify who the next Pope will be. Keep in mind, that the odds will also reflect the news.

There are favorites for a reason. Picking novelty underdogs can be risky if there’s little news on the pick, but it will give high rewards.

Novelty props can lead to interesting research. If you’re betting on the Gatorade color poured on the winning coach of the Super Bowl, there will be information out there. Most of this research will take a lot of patience and time since it will not be near as accessible as normal sports news. However, coming across the right information could help in making your final bet.

Overall, have fun with novelty bets. There’s no need to stress and research too much, most of this is luck. If you want to research more, try out odds boost lines. With experience, gamblers discover which novelties can generate the most success.

How to Make a Novelty Parlay

Parlays tie multiple bets together. Every wager must hit to win the parlay. This increases the difficulty, but that means higher payouts. In recent years, parlays have continued to grow with enticing rewards.

Nearly every bet offers a parlay. For novelties, parlays are not as common. Novelty props can be turned into a parlay. For example, props for the Super Bowl can be a great choice. The Super Bowl offers many choices, like who wins the coin toss, what’s the first penalty flag thrown and what media company commercial will appear first?

Low parlay wagers can net big paydays, especially for props. Novelty props can also make events interesting for people who are typically not invested. Placing a novelty parlay on the Super Bowl makes the event even more entertaining.

How to Bet on Novelty Odds

Overall, novelty bets should be enjoyable. Many lines are fun and bizarre with no rhyme or reason. Without a doubt, novelties are one of the most entertaining bets available.

As mentioned, different strategies can be used for each novelty. For anything related to entertainment, following news around the event will help the most. Odds boost wagers can require the most research, making it a more serious wager. This is where bettors can use their sports knowledge to the fullest.
Don’t make novelty bets more stressful than what it is. Most of the time, simply having fun and following your intuition can lead to the most success.

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Novelty Frequently Asked Questions

Gamblers should always look for many options for novelty odds. BetUS Sportsbook offers various lines, giving bettors more opportunities to win big.
First, decide what kind of bet to make. Do you want to focus on entertainment or sports? From there, develop a strategy that makes sense. For example, if a gambler bets on the next Pope they should follow the news.
Strategies are limited for novelty odds. Odds boosts offer the most strategy since it can deal with game outcomes. For entertainment and props, following news is the best strategy.
Novelty odds have a favorite with a negative number and an underdog with a positive. For example, a -150 wager requires a $150 bet to earn a $100 profit, while a +300 bet would net a $300 profit on a $100 wager.
Yes, some novelty odds offer parlays. For the most part, novelty props offer parlays. A novelty prop parlay for the Super Bowl is a great option.

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