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Italy Serie A Betting Odds & Lines


In 1898, the first Italian National Championship was held. Even though the league determined the entire competition in a single match, Genoa Cricket & Athletic Club was the inaugural winner.

The event was divided into regional groups for more than two decades. The organizers explored multiple systems between 1922 and 1929 before numerous interregional divisions came together.

Also included in this expansion was Serie B, the league’s second-highest tier. This inclusion occurred during Italian football history when the Fascist party in power prohibited foreign players from participating in league competitions.

The organizers renamed Serie A the Lega Calcio to replace the Italian Federal Football Association, which had been in existence since 1935.

Since 1924, winners’ shirts have worn “scudetti” (Italian for “shields”) on the sleeves, which means “little shield.” Serie A champions are referred to as “winning the scudetto” frequently.

Principal Events During the Year

Since Serie A’s inception, there have been 16 or 18 teams in the top league, but today only 10 or 11 teams are in the top level. Twenty clubs have existed since 2004–05. The league played one season (1947–48) with 21 teams to prevent a fight with Yugoslavia following the war.

The season has 38 games for each team. At home and away, the same game is played twice. A round-robin format is utilized in Italian football as a result. It’s known as “the andata” because each team in their league gets to face each other once. The andata has a total of 19 games.

There are extra 19 games in the second half of the season, known as the ritorno, in which the clubs play at home and away. Before this year’s 2021–22 campaign, the two halves of the season had an identical fixture schedule.

Three points are awarded for a win, while one is awarded for a draw. No points will be awarded if they lose. A team received two points for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a defeat.

If they finish first or second in Serie A, they will have qualified for the UEFA Champions League. With the winner of the Coppa Italia, the fifth-placed team will join UEFA in the Europa League.
Depending on how well the Coppa Italia winner does, the sixth or seventh-ranked team advances to the preliminary stages of the UEFA Europa Conference League. Three teams are relegated to Serie B at the end of the season.

How the Championship Works

The league has a total of twenty members. The team with the most points, or the Scudetto, wins the title in 38 games. Two games are played, one at each team’s home stadium and one away from it.

There are games every weekend during the regular season, except when international games, played during the season, are scheduled to take place. Early and late Saturday night games are standard.


During the first half of the season, called the andata, teams only play each other once. All in all, there are a total of 19 titles.

The ritorno, or return, is a second meeting between the teams in the second half of the season. There is a switch in the home and away from positions for each game.

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When numerous games are scheduled throughout the weekend, every football fan is curious which clubs will prevail.

Pick the teams you think will do well for 90 minutes on the Italian match coupon every day. It’s not uncommon for games to take place on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or even a Monday.

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Betting Strategy

It’s always our recommendation that folks do their research before placing any wagers. offers a team of professionals who can provide you with high-quality content and statistics to help you win at sports betting.

When placing bets on top-tier matches, it’s critical to consult the most recent football statistics, and we also provide in-depth and experienced Serie A betting advice.

Important Teams To Play

Juve, AC Milan, and Inter Milan are all part of the league, and all three are household names. From 2000 until 2008, the G-14 represented Europe’s most famous and largest football clubs. All three were founding members of the G-14. (ECA).

Even though Spain’s La Liga has the most Ballon d’Or winners of all time, Italy’s Serie A league has the most Ballon d’Or winners of any league in the world today.

To date, Juventus holds the record for the most international titles won by an Italian club and national team combined, placing them sixth in Europe and twelfth overall. Juventus is Italy’s most successful sports team, too.


Analyze The Statistics

Statistics are a critical ally in the quest to win at sports betting. Reading from books takes our betting experts a long time. They also tell you which teams to back and which ones to avoid betting on.

Italian football has been known for its defensive nature for a long time. However, this is not the case. Since last season, the average number of games per match has increased by 0.02 percent.

How Do You Predict Match Results
First, it’s critical to assess the current health and fitness of the key players in each match.
How much money you’re wagering on the match is the next consideration. When two teams at the bottom of the table play each other, and when the two teams at the top of the table play each other, there is a probability that the ‘Over 2.5 goals’ wager will come true.

When betting on Serie A, keep an eye on the league table and don’t forget about the odds. As an illustration, the three league’s weakest clubs allowed 250 goals last season.

For your Serie A match, you’ll want to check to see the odds of bookmakers. There are a plethora of online bookies, as you are undoubtedly aware, all of which may give various odds on the exact match.

From Juventus and Napoli, and Lazio and Roma and Fiorentina, including AC and Inter Milan, you may bet with a wide range of odds values.

There are 1.66 (4/6) odds for Juventus to beat Lazio at home, but bet365 has 1.7 (7/10) for Juventus to win. You may want to keep an eye out for discounts that could improve your chances of winning the game.

Popular Serie A Markets

You can find fans of Italian soccer’s Serie A league worldwide. However, the league’s markets are comparable to those of other top European leagues, but they are not as large. Serie A is a popular place to gamble on the following:

The anytime goalscorer is one of the most popular markets in Serie A betting. This occurrence is since the league has grown in popularity due to its increasing number of superstars.

If you think a player will score at any moment throughout the game, this bet is for you. The odds of a goal being scored at any point in the game are always lower than the odds of a goal being scored first or last.

There might be a lot of value in betting on a defender to score at any time. Identify which teams have given up the most and most minor points on the penalty spot. For one of their defenders to have an opportunity to score, they must give up more corners.

There are several variables to consider when projecting how many goals each team will score in Serie A. Increasing the total amount of goals bets will increase the odds of winning more often than not.

More than one goal can be -1000 in a game, while more than eight goals can be +6000 in the same contest. The odds will operate if you bet on a team that has scored less than a particular number of goals.

Suppose that you score less than 0.5 goals as an example to demonstrate how this works. With less than eight goals, you could be at or below -6600. Finding a midway point and considering the recent records of both teams is essential.

The “Draw No Bet” option, which anticipates that one side will win but pays out if there is no winner at all, is available if you want to bet. If you don’t know if a team will win, this is a solid option.

People who aren’t sure if an underdog will win but still want to wager on a win will benefit from the draw no bet option.

Juventus, for example, has been highly successful in recent years. Draw No Bets frequently have lower odds to compensate for the lack of draw insurance that they provide.

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Italy Serie A Frequently Asked Questions

You can bet in real-time on various sporting events with BetUS, which boasts the most outstanding live betting interface in the market. Whether you’re looking for a professional soccer game or a game from around the world, we have it.

Multiply the odds by the amount of money you bet to get your Win Amount (28/1): Lazio will be crowned champion. Lazio has 28/1 odds of winning the Championship. For $100, you can win $2900 if Lazio wins the entire tournament.

Despite their two-point deficit to league leaders Juventus, Inter Milan is the favorite to win the title again. Paddy Power’s odds on the Nerazzuri have dropped from 1/7 to 4/9 because they haven’t won in their last three league games.

Despite this, they remain the favorites because they have played one more game than AC Milan

It’s not uncommon for Serie A odds to be muddled up with both positives and negatives when betting on the Moneyline at a US bookmaker.

The + sign denotes a non-favorite person. A person with a minus sign is more favored.

Since many sportsbooks allow customers to choose how to view the odds, betting on Serie A has never been easier.

Before placing a wager, you can adjust the parameters to your preference if you are used to American odds.

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