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UFC Picks

Making UFC picks can be quite the challenge. We know all about the ups and downs of picking winners. But one thing we consistently do is provide free in-depth coverage of the notable UFC fights, all with an eye toward the best online betting odds.

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Full disclaimer here: By citing “expert” advice, we mean we have a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. But, we’re not perfect. Heck, even expert MMA fighters occasionally get beaten at their own game. 

Still, we handicap the UFC fights diligently and make sure we cover all the bases. And we don’t stick to just chalk or straight-up picks. Like MMA, we mix it up.

UFC betting odds offer plenty of markets so we don’t have to stick to simply picking who’s going to win straight up. That’s the million-dollar question, but we cover more than the moneyline in our articles. 

  • Moneyline picks: Picking the winner of a fight. A simple task yet a complex process for the most part
  • Round totals: Never as straightforward as it seems, we determine how long fights can go and if there will or won’t be a finish. Don’t blink!
  • Methods of victory: A popular prop pick, we go beyond picking the winner and lay out how the fighter wins the bout. It may seem obvious for some, such as Conor McGregor winning by KO, or maybe we’ll all be shocked.
  • Round betting: Channeling our inner “Mystic Mac”, we reveal in what round a fighter is going to win. Maybe it’s McGregor in Round 1 or Dustin Poirier in Round 5.

The challenging process of predicting fights is fun. That’s because UFC continues to be unpredictable. And that’s why we love it. Winning is thrilling and you can parlay or fade our sage (or not-so-sage) advice with UFC news to pick a winner from the sportsbook. You’re welcome!

Our Expert Free UFC Picks

The main card of any UFC fight night offers plenty of betting opportunities, trying to find the top contenders from the promising challengers.

As the event draws close, the predictions intensify, not just around the outcome of the fight but also into the specifics of rounds and methods of victory.

You don’t just want to see who wins, but also how they win!

Our expert free UFC picks are the culmination of a careful analysis of fighters, from Leon Edwards to Rob Font, from the seasoned prowess of Stephen Thompson to the striking power of Cody Garbrandt.

We consider every variable, every statistic, and every piece of UFC news, to provide informed and relevant content to help you place the best bets.

Whether it’s UFC on ESPN, a major UFC fight night, or a headline-grabbing main event, BetUS is the place to close the gap between being a spectator and becoming a part of the action.

Every pick, every insight, and every prediction is part of what makes sports betting so enjoyable.

Are you following stars like Deiveson Figueiredo and Beneil Dariush?

Watch their games and follow your sports community. Sports betting matches your love of the sport with the opportunity to make some money.

The more you watch and learn, the higher your chances of success!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when making UFC predictions?

Evaluate the fighters’ history, their recent performances, and the event’s context. Each detail, from the venue to the weight class, can influence the outcome.

How do I interpret the fight card?

The fight card provides a roadmap to the night, detailing the bouts from the preliminaries to the main card. Each carries its own significance.

What distinguishes UFC fight nights from other sports events?

UFC fight nights are unpredictable.

There are many fighting styles on display, from jiu-jitsu to boxing and each martial art contributes to the fun of the event.

Can you explain the main event in UFC?

The main event is typically the most anticipated fight. It features prominent fighters and often comes with title implications as it draws the eyes of the sporting world.

What are free picks and how can they aid in UFC betting?

Free picks are expert analyses offered without charge which provide insights into potential outcomes and help bettors make informed decisions.

How do the terms of service affect my UFC betting?

They outline the rules and regulations of sports betting and ensure a fair and responsible gambling environment.

What is the difference between the moneyline and other betting markets in UFC?

The moneyline is a straight-up bet on who will win, whereas other markets involve specifics like round totals, methods of victory, and more specialized aspects of the fight.

How do I leverage expert picks in making my betting decisions?

Use them as a guide, but also conduct your own research. Combine both for an informed betting strategy when you place your wagers.