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NFL Draft Betting Lines & Odds


The NFL used to be an event that wasn’t televised and it was almost impossible to follow the action in real-time. Since the NFL is now the most popular sport in the United States, everything that the league does has turned into a major production. 

NFL odds and NFL betting lines tend to dominate the sports betting industry, and it’s no different when it comes to the NFL Draft.

This event takes place in April and it’s usually a good appetizer before the real football betting begins a few months later.

The NFL now selects the NFL Draft site each year in a similar fashion as to choosing the Super Bowl site. Cities submit a bid to host the NFL Draft, and the league is always looking for the best destinations in the United States.

When it comes to the NFL, and NFL odds, the Super Bowl will always be the main attraction, but the NFL Draft isn’t too far behind. Football is also a sport that tends to drive prop betting, and that’s the type of wagering you will be doing on the NFL Draft. 

A prop bet is a unique type of wager as it tends to focus on just one small part of a much larger event or game. When it comes to a traditional football team, prop bets tend to look at individual or team stats, and NFL Draft prop betting tends to look at draft picks or positioning. 

If you are looking to bet on NFL Draft then you are going to be pleasantly surprised with all of the options that you see. These can change every single year, but there are going to be certain NFL Draft that will be available for every draft. 

One strategy to use when betting on NFL Draft is to first take a close look at all of the NFL odds that you see listed. You shouldn’t start to even think about making a bet until you have seen all of the odds that are available to you. 

Another strategy that you will want to consider using is to use the same betting unit for all of your NFL Draft prop betting wagers. Using the same betting unit will ensure that you are not putting too much emphasis on one wager and you are treating all of the opportunities the same.

NFL odds for the draft are going to be available weeks and months before the event actually takes place, and that will give you plenty of time to do some research and get everything squared away to bet.


Betting on NFL Draft is a bit unique since this is not betting on an actual NFL game, but the process remains the same. You are still going to go through the same process as usual when looking to bet on the NFL Draft, and everything is going to work exactly the same. 

The first step is to get signed up for an account at BetUS Sportsbook and then make a deposit so that you have some money to wager with. From there, you are really open to making any bet that you want, and there will be a long list of options available to you. 

Even though the NFL odds for the draft are going to look a bit different every year, there are some types of bets that will usually be available. It’s easier to explain how to bet on NFL Draft by using examples, and some of the best examples can be found below. 

Number 1 Draft Pick

The most common NFL Draft prop betting option that you’ll see is a bet on the eventual number 1 draft pick. This is actually pretty similar to a futures bet because those odds are going to be available months before that pick is actually announced. 

When you are looking to make a bet on which player will eventually be the number 1 draft pick, there will be a long list of odds available to you. All you have to do is bet on the player that you think will be selected first overall, and then collect your winnings if you make the right selection. 

NFL Draft odds for this type of bet are going to be changing constantly, especially if there are trades or late-breaking news. 

Conference Leader

A great example of an NFL Draft prop bet is a wager on which conference will have the most first-round selections. There is a sense of pride and bragging rights are on the line as conferences look to send the most players to the league. 

This is another bet in which the odds are going to resemble a futures bet because most of the options will have favorable odds. There will only be a handful of options with this type of NFL Draft prop bet though as the smaller conferences aren’t going to even be considered. 

A similar prop bet to this one is betting on the position that will have the most first-round draft picks. 

Head to Head

If you are looking for an NFL Draft prop that is similar to traditional betting then a head-to-head bet is what you need to search for. This is a prop bet that closely resembles moneyline betting as you are just picking between two options. 

This is a bet that will come with plenty of options and you will usually see the same players offered several times. Depending on the “matchup” that is created from BetUS, you could be looking at some pretty favorable betting odds as well. 

Correct Draft Order

Another great NFL Draft prop betting option is to pick the correct draft order for a set number of picks. This is similar to parlay betting with traditional wagering as you are going to have to hit all of the best for the wager to be successful. 

When betting on the correct draft order, you not only have to pick the order correctly, but you will also have to pick the correct teams. The NFL Draft usually has plenty of twists and turns, and this can be extremely difficult to do.

Most of the NFL Draft require you to just get one bet correct, but this one is a bit more advanced.

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NFL Draft Faqs

BetUS Sportsbook is a great option for betting on NFL Draft because you are going to see a long list of options available. The NFL Draft might be different every single year, but BetUS will continue to deliver some terrific wagering opportunities. You are also going to get a nice welcome bonus for signing up and betting at BetUS.
The first step is to access BetUS Sportsbook online and click on the long list of NFL Draft prop betting options. From there you are going to want to look at the options and decide on the bets and the odds that stand out to you.

You are in charge of determining how much you want to wager on each NFL Draft prop and you will add those bets to your bet slip. After you click the submit button then all you need to do is wait for the action to unfold.

One of the best strategies to use is to use the same betting unit for all of your wagers, and you should always look for value in the odds. Finding valuable odds is much more important than simply only focusing on those that are easy to win.

It’s also a good idea to get bets in early as that is when you will find the best odds in most situations.

The NFL Draft has turned into a massive event, and it’s one that comes with some great betting opportunities. Because the NFL Draft is so popular, BetUS will put together some great prop betting options each year.

NFL Draft work in the same way that other props work, except you are betting on an event as opposed to an actual game. Odds are set for each side of the prop bet, and you can choose to pick whatever it is that you wish.

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